The Dousman House History


In 1864, the Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien Railroad operated between Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien.  They constructed their Railway Hotel on the banks of the Mississippi River at Prairie du
Chien.  Since it was at the west end of their tracks, they named it the 'The hotel at the end of the road'.  Ground Breaking for the Dousman House construction took place while President Lincoln was in office.
          The hotel prospered until 1908.  It was then sold to a chemical company in 1919.  Over the past 91 years, the Dousman House was used as a chemical company, a meat packing plant, a storage facility, and finally an unused building.  It survived several attempts to demolish it but was saved each time. 
         In 1966, The Dousman House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places which prevented further attempts to demolish it. 
         In 1867, the name of the Railway Hotel was changed to The Dousman House.  The Dousman House is currently being restored to its former elegant condition and is now available for that special reception or other gathering.
The Dousman House as it looked in 1907 and today.